The Tough Work Of A Medical Student Abroad

Let’s take a common example: you are a future high school graduate in a non-English speaking country and you want to get into a medical school where you will be learning in English. Even if you want to move to the UK or USA or you will be learning in the English department in another non-English speaking country, the barriers you will have to pass are the same. You may love English and you can be very good at it, but you have to understand that if you want to study medicine abroad in English, you will be put in many difficult situations.

Medicine is a very technical field of learning

You have to understand that medicine is not like mathematics for example, there are many scientific words and technical aspects that you don’t know and therefore, you will have to constantly learn new words and learn mechanism that are hard to understand even in your native language. However, many medical words come from Latin and the way they sound resemble in many languages.

Even the teachers can have English problems

If you want to learn in English in a non-English speaking country, you have to think of an aspect you normally wouldn’t take it into consideration. You may have problems understanding everything, but so will the doctors. The professors won’t be native English speakers so their English could be a little rough and hard to understand.

The locals and the patients

In the same situation as above, in a non-English speaking country, not all the locals know English and so do the patients. Many classes will be held in the hospital and you will not be able to understand what the patients will tell you. Therefore, the only answer in these situations is to learn in English, but also learn the local language.